Monday, August 18, 2008


I am now CCNP-certified! God knows what my CCNP number is (Cisco should have the numbering for CCNPs like CCIEs e.g. CCNP #232323). With the passing of the ONT exam today, I am now a CCNP (one step higher than the CCNA and one step closer to the big mama, CCIE!). Well on paper anyway.

Nowadays, in Malaysia, you have people having tonnes and tonnes of certificates but when it comes to the real thing, they either don't know or they are still inexperienced. I certainly feel that I am in the latter part but I hope to brush on my experience and also try to live up to the certification expectation. After all, passing an exam is still only passing an exam. Your performance in the real world is a totally different thing :-).

I will now take time to savour this short moment of accomplishment even though the CCNP is not my main goal. Back to watching some switching videos (what a geek I am!).

By the way, some of you asked what materials I used for my CCNP studies. Well I did attend a CCNP course conducted by a Cisco-certified training centre but the bulk and majority of my studies involved Chris Bryant's study guides (except the ONT). You can look for his materials at And yes, I bought the CCNA and the CCNP ultimate study guides legally. No illegal copies. You can ask the man himself :-)