Saturday, July 10, 2010

Permanently Overclocking the Nokia N900 and Modifying the Swappiness

With a LV kernel, do the following:

sudo kernel-config load lv
sudo kernel-config limits 250 805 (if you want your min speed to 250mhz and max to 805mhz. I did mine with 250 and 1150 with no ill-effects atm)
sudo kernel-config save lv8
sudo kernel-config load lv8
sudo kernel-config default lv8

To modify the swappiness of the Nokia N900 which at default is 100 (60 or 30 seems to be the sweet spot for some), do the following:

1. EDIT /etc/init.d/rcS
2. Look for the value 100 for swappiness (it has /proc in it) and change the value 100 to value 60 or 30.
3, SAVE the file.

Again kudos to the forum at Maemo for this ^_^

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