Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Restoring VM Images List in VMWare Player under Linux Mint

While running VMWare Player on my Linux Mint 19.1 box (don't judge me. I prefer to use things that work out of the box rather than spend countless of time, which I don't have now and frankly I better spend it on something else, to make it work), I quickly discovered that after adding multiple CTF VM images, there were not displaying on the selection area.

With a little Google-fu and common sense, I found this on the VMWare communities page and it solves my problems.

While I don't use Ubuntu, in Linux Mint (latest release 18.3) I went into privacy settings and told it to remember recently accessed files (Set to "on") and Never forget old files (Set to "On") and now I can add the machine(s) to my Library.

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