Saturday, July 10, 2010

Permanently Overclocking the Nokia N900 and Modifying the Swappiness

With a LV kernel, do the following:

sudo kernel-config load lv
sudo kernel-config limits 250 805 (if you want your min speed to 250mhz and max to 805mhz. I did mine with 250 and 1150 with no ill-effects atm)
sudo kernel-config save lv8
sudo kernel-config load lv8
sudo kernel-config default lv8

To modify the swappiness of the Nokia N900 which at default is 100 (60 or 30 seems to be the sweet spot for some), do the following:

1. EDIT /etc/init.d/rcS
2. Look for the value 100 for swappiness (it has /proc in it) and change the value 100 to value 60 or 30.
3, SAVE the file.

Again kudos to the forum at Maemo for this ^_^

Nokia N900 Does Work in Japan!

If your Nokia N900 doesn't work in Japan especially if you're using NTT DoCoMo's 3G data-only SIM, try the following as root

dbus-send --system --type=method_call --print-reply "/com/nokia/csd/gprs" org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.Set string:AttachMode variant:string:WhenAvailable

Hopefully that will sort this out for you ^_^. Credits goes to the fine folks at the Maemo forums.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Kobukuru - Tsubomi (theme song from the 'True Story of Mari' Youtube clip)

The song on the 'True Story of Mari' on Youtube is sung by Kobukuro titled Tsubomi. Here are the lyrics in Japanese and the translation. Original post from ShouraiNoYume ^_^. Tsubomi means flower bud in case you are wondering ...

Lyrics in Japanese

Namida koboshitemo ase ni mamireta egao no naka ja
Dare mo kidzuite wa kurenai
Dakara anata no namida wo boku wa shiranai
Tayasu kotonaku boku no kokoro ni tomosareteita
Yasashii akari wa anata ga kureta riyuu naki ai no akashi
Yawarakana hidamari ga tsutsumu senaka ni botsuri hanashi kakenagara
Itsuka konna hi ga kuru koto mo
Kitto, kitto, kitto, wakatteta hazu na no ni
Kiesou ni sakisou na tsubomi ga kotoshi mo boku wo matteru
Tenohira ja tsukamenai kaze ni odoru hanabira
Tachidomaru kata ni hirari
Jouzu ni nosete waratte miseta anata wo omoidasu hitori
Biru no tanima ni umoreta yume wo itsuka mebuite
Hana wo sagasu darou shinjita yume wa saku basho wo erabanai
Bokura kono machi ni otosareta kageboushi minna hikari wo sagashite
Kasanari au toki no nagare mo
Kitto, kitto, kitto, oikoseru hi ga kuru sa
Kaze no nai senro michi go gatsu no misora wa aoku sabishiku
Ugokanai chigiregumo itsu made mo ukabeteta
Doko ni mo mou modorenai
Boku no you da to sasayaku kaze ni kirari mai ochiteku namida
Chirigiwa ni mou ichido hiraku hanabira wa anata no you ni
kikoenai ganbare wo nigitta ryoute ni nando mo kureta
Kiesou ni sakisou na tsubomi ga kotoshi mo boku wo matteru
Ima mo mada tsukamenai anata to egaita yume
Tachidomaru boku no soba de
Yasashiku hiraku egao no you na tsubomi wo sagashiteru sora ni

Translation in English

just like crying, in the middle of a smile smeared with perspiration
no one can be recognised
thats why i don't know about your tears

its still burning, lighting up my heart
i recieved from you the tender light, proof of unconditional love

while being enveloped by the gentle spot under the sun, i whisper into your back
even if a day like this comes again
surely, surely, surely, you would be able to understand

vanishing and blooming, this year too the flower bud is waiting for me
the petal dancing in the wind that my palm can't grasp
stops on the shoulder lightly
skillfully riding it and showing a smile, i remember you by myself

in the valley of buildings, sometimes buried dreams bud too
isn't that what makes flowers bloom? you can't choose where your dreams will blossom

the silhouettes we dropped on this town, they're all looking for the light
even as time overlaps and flows over itself
surely, surely, surely the day we grow out of this will come

on the breezeless track, the beautiful sky of may feels blue and lonely
the motionless scattered clouds will always be floating
there is no place i can return to anymore
this is the way i am, in the whispering wind it dances to the ground with a flash, my tears

almost scattering, the re-opening petals are like you
giving time and again to these hands that grasp at the silent encouragements

vanishing and blooming, this year too the flower bud is waiting for me
even now i still can't catch the dreams you painted
stopping right beside me
opening gracefully just like a smile, i keep looking for the flower bud, in the sky

The Inspiring Story of Mari and Her Puppies

By the Japan News Group (Originally in Japanese)

Three puppies born on the day of an earthquake

On the fateful morning of October 23, 2004, a dog named Mari gave birth to three puppies in Yamakoshi Village, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. That evening, a severe earthquake struck Niigata and devastated the Village, causing almost all of its homes to collapse, including the one where Mari lived. During the quake the newborn puppies were jolted away from their mother, and since their eyes were still closed, they could not find their way back to her side. Also, because she was bound by a leash, Mari could not reach her babies. She tried repeatedly to pull free from the leash, but to no avail. Then, several tremors occurred and Mari tried even harder to break free until her neck began to bleed. Suddenly, another strong aftershock struck, Mari struggled with all her might, and the collar suddenly came loose. Next she quickly picked up her puppies, moved them to a safe place, and without taking a rest ran toward the ruins that were once her house.

Courageous rescue of grandfather

The grandfather of Mari’s family was home alone that day. He lived on the second floor, but suffered from a neurological disorder that made it impossible for him to stand on his feet or climb the stairs unassisted. After the earthquake, the old man was immobilized as he had been trapped beneath a wardrobe. Aftershocks and the total darkness resulting from a power outage pushed him into desperately thinking that death might be around the corner. Just then, Mari appeared in his room on the second floor and looked at him with encouraging eyes. The grandfather had been slipping into unconsciousness, but when he saw Mari he regained awareness although he was still immobilized. Mari then licked him to give him encouragement and went downstairs several times to check on her pups before quickly returning to the man’s room. She ran back and forth many times even though her paws had been injured by the sharp-edged glass and pieces of porcelain that lay all over the floor. Each trip gave her new wounds, but Mari managed to kindle new hope in the grandfather’s heart, and looking at Mari he thought, “I must live on. I cannot give up,” Finally, he pushed at the wardrobe with all his strength, it gave way and he managed to free himself. Then with Mari's encouragement, the grandfather spent two hours climbing down the stairs—a feat he had previously been unable to accomplish without help. Upon reaching the ground floor, he was happy to find that the three puppies were safe and sound.

A sad parting and further ordeals

After the October 23, 2004 earthquake Yamakoshi Village was in a state of total destruction and isolation as all local roads had been cut off. And with a continuous series of aftershocks increasing the danger of landslides, on October 25 all the villagers were evacuated by helicopter to a nearby accommodation center. Under these circumstances, the grandfather was forced to leave Mari behind for in times of disaster saving human lives is the main concern. He left all of his pet food for his beloved dog, prayed that she and her pups would be safe and took off her collar. Then, with no other options, as he boarded the helicopter to leave behind the one who had saved his life, he said with guilt and sadness, "I’m very sorry, Mari," and felt heart-broken as Mari howled in deep sorrow.
As time passed and her supply of rations ran out, Mari had to search for food in her abandoned village, suffering many ordeals as she tried to protect her little puppies. All the while the grandfather thought of her constantly, and with anxiety over the continuing tremors fell ill and had to be hospitalized. Then two weeks after the evacuation, the villagers were allowed to return to Yamakoshi to see their homes. Among the returnees was the man’s son, who immediately began to search for Mari. Upon finding her, he noticed that she was much thinner, and she hesitated for an instant after hearing her name but then dashed toward him. He held her close in his arms for a long time. Mari had not had enough food for herself, but she fed her babies milk and took care of them as well as she could. In contrast to their skinny mother, the three puppies looked chubby and healthy as they slept sweetly on the porch. The son was delighted to see the little pups growing up in good health.
Before Yamakoshi Village was reconstructed, the villagers remained in temporary housing in a neighboring city. Being in charge of advertising affairs for the village committee, the son was a busy man so he placed Mari and her puppies in the care of another family. When the grandfather was still in the hospital, Mari's caretaker took her to visit him. Thus, after undergoing countless trials, Mari and the old man were finally reunited. Mari was very happy to see the man, who was recuperating and said with quivering lips and tears filling his eyes, "Thank you for saving my life."
Then in April 2005 the grandfather was discharged from the hospital and began living with his son and Mari in an apartment. By that time Mari's three puppies had been adopted by other families and were growing up healthily in their new homes. Today, the grandfather and his family are still living in the apartment but look forward to returning soon to Yamakoshi Village.

Fireworks for Mari

Mari’s touching story, which illustrates the mutual trust and love between humans and animals that helps them through ordeals, has frequently been reported in the news media and has also been adapted as an illustrated storybook — Mari of Yamakoshi Village and Her Three Pups. The book has received a huge response in Japan and serves as a great inspiration for disaster victims. The company that published the volume is contributing part of its sales revenues to the reconstruction and relief funds for areas affected by the October 2004 earthquake, and distributes the book free of charge to children in Yamakoshi Village and its thirteen neighboring cities.
On August 2, 2005, the villagers held a fireworks celebration in their city of refuge just as they do in their home town each year, and this year event was entitled “Fireworks for Mari.” While participating in the festivity they wished that Yamakoshi Village could be recovered as quickly as possible. Amid the dazzling light and smoke of the fireworks, Mari's radiant smile seemed to fill the night sky, bringing hope and encouragement to the spectators.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Nokia N900 Virtual Keyboard Missing

If you're like me, always fooling around with packages from the extras and the extras-devel repositories, you may have come across packages that enables you to input native Eastern languages on the N900.

However, installing SCIM for Nokia N900 will cause one annoying issue which is in place of your new CJK capabilities, you will lose the default virtual keyboard. Enabling and re-enabling it works for some but not all. I am in the latter group. My fix? Well after scouting off the forums and Internet for pr0n, I came across this solution :-)

1. DELETE "/etc/event.d/scim" if it exists
2. RUN "/usr/bin/gtk-query-immodules-2.0 > /etc/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules"
3. Finally run "rm -f /home/user/.cache/launch/" if you still see it appears for a while in the SETTINGS menu.

With Linux, anything is possible ^_^ otherwise the Mac OSx will never base its kernel off the Unixes would it? ;-)