Saturday, May 23, 2020

Covid-19 / Coronavirus Year and some personl updates

In my last post, I was hoping for a new and exciting year. Well first of all, I was made redundant with 11 others in the startup that I joined just barely 3 months ago. It was an organisation restructuring they say. In hindsight, it was a blessing to be let go then rather than now since the covid-19 pandemic started shortly after that.

As I am writing this, it has been about a little over 2 months since the pandemic started. While it was a lockdown both here in Australia and also my home country, Malaysia, things are starting to ease up now. My daughter will be going to school next Monday and I am pretty sure a lot of us will be returning to the office shortly. I love working from home/remotely so this is something that I am not looking forward to.

That being said, I have been studying a bit on my offensive security skills and I am hoping to nail a couple of exams this year (probably related to offensive security or the compliance part). I have been doing a fair bit of penetration testing for a few Australian based companies and government agencies so that has also been taking quite a bit of my time. Any free time I have now I tend to either chill and annoy my daughter or basically do some light reading.

I am hoping to secure a part time role to supplement my income and at the same time try to do something that is entirely non-IT related. Let us see how I will fare...

The Kali Linux logo (the choice of Linux distribution for a lot of hackers and security professionals) ... regardless of whether it has anything to do with security or not, Iike the design of a dragon on a dark blackground. Simple yet alluring design.

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